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Installation Guide

Let's assemble a gaming chair step by step.

Note: The screws have been fixed to the seat base

GP Series

 v series

Precautions To Assemble A Gaming Chair

1. When you assemble a Victorage Gaming Chair, please wear work gloves in case of injury.
2. When you adjust the seat height, please push the handle under the cushion upward, and do not push it down forcibly.
3. When using the chair angle adjuster, please use it carefully so as not to pinch your hand.
4. When adjusting the backrest angle on a gaming chair, do not violently adjust to an angle beyond the limit.
5. Do not adjust the backrest angle when using the relaxation function.
6. When you lie on your back, please turn off the relaxation function.
7. When you lie on your back, keep your feet on the ground and your head on the top of your back, in case of toppling.
8. Do not use the gaming chair as a ladder or wheelchair.
9. This seat is for single adult use only. Do not stand or kneel on it.
10. Do not sit on the edge or armrest of the seat.
11. Avoid direct exposure to the sun and avoid exposure to a strong light to prevent plastic aging.
12. When cleaning the seat, do not rub vigorously to avoid damaging on the surface, and do not clean it with corrosive detergent.
13. Please check whether the seat screws and other parts are loose or shifted monthly to ensure safety.
14. If the parts are abnormal or damaged, please contact us at
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